Why StuartMeyers.com

So why have I updated my website after all this time?

In the past I have Stuart Meyers on Facebook and Twitter, CyclingBTD when I was heavy into cycling, AllThingsHost from my previous employ and GeorgeTMaxwell / UniversalDint / ParticleAnimism / PersonifiedUniverse from my writing. Add Slide Racing, Natural Revenge and my current employ and it’s a whole lot of confusing identities.

So 2019 is a refresh.  StuartMeyers.com is now a consolidated view and single identity with purpose.  It’s a culmination of everything I am and a baseline to drive forward.

This is me. I like thinking a lot, professionally engaging, being challenged, solving problems interactively and creating stuff. Plus, I am underpinned by a spiritualist view of the universe where everything is alive and has a desire to experience.  Today, the world is accepting and embracing diversity so I don’t have to compartmentalise my life.

My current role at Objective has helped change my job into a career and opened up a world of thought and new direction.  It has inspired me to share my skills and experience and given me an understanding where I want to be while I continue doing what I enjoy now.  And that really sums it up.

This is why my four areas of my focus (in addition to my wonderful family of course) are:

Someone I met on the path.
  1. Creating a future long term role in business consultation and personal mentoring
  2. Continuing my current role at Objective and driving towards further success of the business
  3.  Exploring my spirituality and how it interacts with my everyday life
  4. Playing around with other ideas as a hobby inventor
  5. Then there is Project #5……


I have a daughter and like so many others of this generation, she needs help to be able to engage in today’s society.  I also have a business idea on how to leverage the intellectual skills she (and similar people) has that may be able to accommodate and support her challenges.  But I haven’t quite worked out how to bring the two together.

So stay tuned and ask me about Project #5 if you are interested.