IT Solutions Professional

Presales Solution Specialist

Working within the sales team as a Presales Solution Specialist in Process Automation, Workflow, Document Management, Content Services, Integration and File Transfer. Stuart leverages his extensive experience across Australian and Asia Pacific industries to discover true business potential and the value of change in new prospect engagements and for existing customer advancements.


Business Highlights

  • 30+ years in vendor software sales departments working strategically in head office, as a regional specialist or with new business start-ups
  • Has regularly overachieved targets in 2 different organisations in 3 business units
  • Is a fully rounded presales consultant with experience in marketing, sales, channels, services and being adaptable to do whatever needs to be done or created
  • Has specialist skills in sales enablement, content creation and value engineering
  • Thrives on the pressure and opportunities associated with face to face solution discovery in the early stages of a sales cycle
  • Is a company person, thinks like a corporate citizen, always leading with a “yes it can be done”
  • Plus excels in the normal presales activities such a presentations, demonstrations, tender responses, solution architecture and presentations to large audiences.


To summarise, why not finish with a quote from two High-Level Managers and a senior peer during a recent internal survey.

“People oriented – focused on results”

“Stuart has a considered approach – thinks about all of the possible angles to resolve an issue or present our offering in a optimal way. He will raise issues and alternatives that others may let pass and his amiable style encourages strong trust and collaboration within his team and across the organisation.”

“Stuart is collaborative, inquisitive and open minded. He formulates and articulates a vision very well and demonstrates how to put that vision in place. Stuart is a good story teller and understands how to engage and motivate others in what he is doing and wants to achieve. Stuart is well respected because he has and demonstrates integrity and does what he says he will do. He respects the expertise of others and ensures that others are listened to. When Stuart disagrees with someone else, he is able to articulate the point of contention well, while ensuring that the discussion is constructive and collaborative.”

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