Lateral Business Consultant


“Can’t see the forest because of the trees?”

“Need some thinking outside of the box.”

“The path forward is not clear.”

“I’m stuck for ideas.”

The words above are common sayings yet they can be so relevant and frustrating at different times in your life.

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The Logic of Lateral Thinking

Personally I have built my career on looking from the outside in and exploring what’s possible in business, with a department or a single professional.  Helping those who are open to find new paths, new options or just validate their current course.

The key is that the information and solutions are in your head not mine.  All I do is twist and turn it laterally to test the logic and help you see if your conclusions are still the same or if something new arises.

So, in essence it’s being a solution consultant uses lateral and logical thinking to explore potential.

Lateral Framework for Tactical Solutions

When a strategic plan is in play, it’s the tactical solutions that are used to overcome challenges or find new paths to achieve the desired outcomes. When those challenges are unexpected or current outcomes didn’t achieve the desired results, the pressure rises and rapid and accurate decisions are required.

Therefore, when a change of direction is required, wouldn’t it be good to have access to a methodology that helps you to quickly look at your situation from the outside to validate your path or potentially reveal a better one?

What if you could further explore the tactical in context with the strategic through a different lense, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

The Lateral Framework for Tactical Solutions is a methodology I have used for many years that is now formulated into a repeatable structure. The Framework uses an interactive process to further explore potential options from many angles (past, present and future) to help you discover what it important to you and explore if anything is missing.

What Next

So if you are challenged with a problem, are searching for new insight or just want to confirm a path.  Reach out through the online submission form below to see if I can help.

It’s a free service for now and is totally confidential.  You can say as much or as little as you like. There are no obligations, just the promise that I will be open, honest and sometimes blunt in providing feedback. 

If you would like me information, contact me through the Contact Us page at the Lateral.Business website.  I will respond with an email and some standard framework questions. From there, I may provide insight when it makes sense or ask further questions, because I have found it’s answering the difficult or new questions that reveal the hidden thoughts.

Lateral Business Consultation Framework

Lastly, if this framework works for you, please let me know that you have had some success and feel free to introduce your friends.

For more info, go straight to the Lateral.Business website