Hobby Inventor


I have always enjoyed being creative.  Never a master at anything but I have enough skills to do everything reasonably well.  It reflects my utility strength and generalist can do attitude.

Over the years I have created many hobby businesses which brought together a number of skills (business, marketing, sales, development, production) and put them behind games I played as a kid or ideas that have surfaced.

Here are a few of the more fun ones.  I have a number of business ones but we can talk about them when you get to know me a bit more.

Slide Racing

Slide Racing was developed from a game I played as a kid which was simply pushing and sliding a toy car in a fully controlled four wheel drift.

From this foundation, I created a fun game for kids of all ages and produced an 80 page book that described everything in detail on how to play the game.  Contents included the rules of the game, sliding techniques, how to build your own track, how to choose the best cars and slide racing strategies. 

We  also took a portable version to car racing tracks and other events, where kids played the game and bought merchandise.


How toy cars can slide.


Armdrive PowerCars

Continuing on the Slide Racing theme but going bigger,  I pitched a couple of concepts to Mattel and created a couple of sample adverts.  These cars were also great fun to take into a skatebowl.

Sample concept advertisement #1

Sample concept advertisement #2


Hammerhead / Hammerslam

Hammerslam (originally called Hammerhead) is an enhanced version of the old scissor, paper and rock game.  Extended features to improve the game to make it more competitive include multiplayer ability, a multiplay scoring mechanism, graphical overlays for cars, baseball and other sports, plus the ability to run on connected tamagotchi style devices or smartphones.

The original version was written in QBasic in a DOS 6.0 environment and later on, the graphical multiplayer versions were created in Flash and asp.

Samples of the later versions of Hammerslam built on Flash.


Natural Revenge

Natural Revenge is something I am sure every budding entrepreneur has either given a try or thought about, and that is making t-shirts.

From a simple design I originally created, I built a broader concept around stories where nature revenges people.  So in addition to a very basic design concept, there was also a nature based message.

Natural Revenge introductory video
Example animated story