Particle Animist


I have my own belief system which I have typically kept quiet but as I have matured I realised it’s core to my identity, that I don’t need to hide it and it’s a good topic of conversation.  So, I am coming out.  My identities are merging.

My name is Stuart Meyers, I am a Particle Animist, my pen name is George T. Maxwell and I wrote my own bible called the Personified Universe: The Power of the Universal Dint.

These are my personal beliefs and I don’t expect that anyone has to agree with them.  They work for me and it’s up to you to decide what works for you.


What is a Particle Animist

Since I coined the term to describe my own belief, I can therefore describe its meaning. Particle Animism is based on three things combined:

  • Animism – a traditional belief system that everything has a soul
  • Pantheism – basically that god is the universe
  • Particles – the foundational element (the smallest Dot) of which all things are made

Some of the key concepts are:

Living cloud Particles
  • Everything in the universe has a soul, from the smallest particle (a Dot) to the universe and everything in between.
  • The purpose of the universe is to imagine and experience everything possible, eternally.
  • Therefore, every soul in the universe is driven to experience new things whilst respecting that all souls are on the same journey.
  • There is no overarching god that controls the universe and there is no need for a person to be an intermediary between a soul and the universe.

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A longer definition:

  • A Dot is the smallest piece of energy in the universe.
  • Every Dot has an individual soul & agency yet as a collective, it also has agency at all levels – eg. Dot, molecule, finger nail, person, earth, universe.
  • When you interact with different entities you interact in their Neighborhood (their community).
  • Before the big bang, everything was thought only and the one big dot with no space between it imagined all that could be, but now everything is about experience and possibility to gather more thought.
  • There is no good or bad experience – it’s just experience from different perspectives and how it affects your agency, based against your rules of engagement.
  • A tactical particle animist is not only a believer but one who engages with everything, typically with respect but understands the need for change for the universe to exist and continue.
  • A strategic particle animist also is guided by and guides the bigger picture and is a leader in the neighborhood community.
  • Things always move on yet they will always exist. Just differently. Souls like to be comfortable yet others on the move.

See the Book here

The Universal Dint

The short animated version of the story

Book Introduction

A living soul

The indigenous people of the world have understood for centuries that everything has a soul, be it human, animal, plant, rock or wind. It is known as Animism.

Based on Animism, ‘The Personified Universe’ adds a persona to everything in the universe, be it a star, the sun, the moon, the earth and down to a single particle. They all have a soul, a personality, a history and a future.

These entities have a story to tell about where they came from, how they exist now, there views on humanity and also provide insight into the future of our solar system and the rogue influence that is changing everything.

Do you dare to imagine just like you did when you were a kid, that everything has life and there are ‘super’ forces?

About the Book

‘The Personified Universe’ is a story of animism and explains how the universe and everything in it has a living personality, a driving force called the ‘Universal Dint’ and a mission to imagine, create, gain knowledge and experience life at all levels.

From the moments before the big bang, the story follows a single particle known as a ‘Dot’ and how it experienced the beginnings of universal life, the evolution of the universe,the formation of the solar system and the evolution of life on earth.

If you enjoy seeing the universe through different eyes, are inspired by new thoughts on how the earth came to life, have a desire to relate to the driving spirit behind all things and wonder what future could be before us, this book is a must.

See the book here

A Brief Personal History

As a born and bred Baptist, the first eighteen years of my life I lived inside the Christian circle and was taught about the existence of God, Jesus and what I should believe. The problem was that inside me, I could never commit 100% to Christianity so I left the door open for other ideas to be explored.

Christianity and my parents taught me my core values which many I still adhere to today. I have always maintained a belief in God but what I didn’t believe was that I had to give my life to another man to speak to God. In my opinion, people can speak to God directly because God is all around us.

After years of learning about different organised religions and indigenous cultures, my belief leant towards the fact that all religions and beliefs had truths but not one religion or belief held the whole truth. After much soul searching, I decided that I had to stop investigating and draw some conclusions.

So I wrote my own bible…

The Personified Universe combines the cycles of nature, the logic of evolution, the wisdom of the indigenous and the values of the good, in a single definition of my belief and a future that may be before me.

By writing this book, I have literally defined and documented these conclusions for myself and will evolve and qualify them for the rest of my life. Is it fantasy or is it spiritual? Probably a bit of both.

What you do with these thoughts is up to you but I hope it’s enjoyable to read, relates to you and inspires your own spiritual journey.

If you are interested, you can also find me on Tumblr