Stuart Meyers. Who am I…?

I’m a Lateral Business Consultant: Thinking outside the box.

  • Have a tactical business challenge? Need some directional options or affirmations? Need them quick? Or know someone who needs help?
  • Running out of new ideas can be frustrating and unproductive.
  • What if you could simply engage with a lateral thinker who in an unbiased and unfiltered manner, looks from the outside in to help you discover some new potential?
  • To find out more, click here or checkout out the Lateral.Business site.


I’m a IT Solutions Professional: It’s what I do.

  • 30+ years in vendor software sales departments has provided exposure to all industries across Asia Pacific, in all aspects of the sales cycle.
  • Strong in early customer engagements to discover business potential and the value of change.
  • Enjoys presenting potential face to face under pressure, sales enablement and over achieving.
  • Loving my time at Objective.  It’s powered my career and has an amazing continued growth and potential.
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I’m a Particle Animist: It’s my personal belief.

  • Everything in the universe has a soul, from the smallest particle to the universe and everything in between.
  • The purpose of the universe is to imagine and experience everything possible, eternally.
  • Therefore, every soul in the universe is driven to experience new things whilst respecting that all souls are on the same journey.
  • To solidify my personal beliefs, I wrote my own bible….
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I’m a Hobby Inventor: Inspired by my younger years.

  • As a child, I enjoyed creative times without realising it.
  • As an adult, I explored those ideas to productise those concepts and create new ones.
  • I learnt plenty, had great fun doing them and they became a foundation and byproduct of who I am today.
  • Just for fun, here’s a couple of those ideas: Slide Racing, Hammerslam, PowerCars….
  • And then there are the more confidential business concepts which I will explain more when you know me.
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